Personal information 

Ingestrand campsite/the municipality of Arvika is responsible for all registered personal information. Ingestrand campsite/the municipality of Arvika will process your personal information in order to administer your booking and payment, as well as sending you the information you have requested.

Your personal information is also processed in marketing research for Ingestrand campsite and SCR, Swedens largest organisation of facilities for camping experiences. This applies to Ingestrand campsites own products and services, along with other products and services on behalf of companies and organizations collaborating with Ingestrand campsite and SCR.

Once a year you have the right to, in writing, ask to take part of what information has been registered, where it has been gathered and receive information about potential receivers. You have the right to demand an amendment of potentially altered or faulty information at any time. Let us know if you oppose your personal information being used in marketing.

If you have any questions, contact Ingestrand campsite, phone no. +46 570 148 40.