Booking conditions

We follow the booking conditions recommended by SCR Svensk Camping.

General information

Our campsite use the Camping Key Europe ID system, which means you need a valid Camping Key Europe ID to rent a campsite pitch. When renting a cabin you show your personal ID.

Age limit for booking

To make a booking/enter an agreement you need to be at least 18 years old. You may be asked to show identification when checking in.


We confirm your booking by sending you a booking confirmation. The rent should be paid when arriving at the campsite or in advance if you arrive after opening hours. Read the confirmation to find out how it works if you arrive after opening hours.



You can cancel your booking before 48 H arriving. If no cancellation is made and the guest does not claim the booked object, the campsite has the right to count in the total booking price. Changes concerning the date or object is considered as a cancellation and a new booking.


Check-in/checkout time

Your check-in time is 3 pm. Your checkout time for cabins is 11 am at the latest, and 12 am for campsite pitches, unless other agreement has been made. If you don’t checkout of our pitch/cabin on time you will be charged extra if the next guest is unable to check-in on time.


You are responsible for your own liability-, accident- and luggage insurance. If you have checked in with a valid Camping Key Europe a special insurance applies if the accident has occurred on site.

Campsite liability

The campsite is responsible for all damage caused by proven recklessness by the camping host or its staff, within the framework of their service obligation.

The campsite is not responsible for any damage caused by third party or another guest, or damage caused by circumstances beyond the campsites control.


If rented object does not hold the promised standard, please report this to us within 24 hours after arrival to give us a chance to correct the matter. Errors occurring during your stay should be reported immediately.