Ingestrand campsite is located in the western parts of Värmland. You can find the exit path to the campsite along highway 175 towards Säffle, approximately four kilometers south of Arvika. The exit patch is marked with a sign showing a camping symbol. The campsite is circa 300 meters west of highway175.

You can also travel by train and city bus. From the train station in Arvika you can take bus number 51 and travel about 15 minutes to the campsite. The bus only stops at the campsite during summer season. The rest of the year you have to walk 1 kilometer from the bus stop at Symfonivägen.

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If you have a boat or a canoe you are welcome to land by the shore. If your have a larger boat and need a harbor you can contact Arvika Småbåtshamnar AB, phone no. 070-521 89 09. Our guest harbor has 10 guest moorings and is located at Solbergsholmen in Arvika.

Arvika has Swedens innermost harbor, connected with the ocean through different ducts and floodgates!

If you need more help finding your way to Ingestrand campsite the GPS-coordinates are:

x: 6615881
y: 1319583

Lat: 59º 37' 25.76"
Long: 12º 36' 26.27"