A cookie is a small file saved on your computer (or similar unit) by the website you are visiting, as a way for the website to recognize your computer. Most websites are using cookies since they are often being used for basic functions like storing settings for how a website is displayed (resolution, language and so on).

If you visit a website using cookies, the website is by law required to supply information about its use of cookies, what they are being used for and how to avoid them. Cookies can only be used with consent of the user.

In your browser settings you can adjust which cookies are allowed, blocked or deleted. You can find more information about cookies on the website "My cookies External link, opens in new window." (Swedish). The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, monitoring the electronic communications and postal sectors in Sweden, also provide information on its website External link, opens in new window..

The website Arvika Swecamp Ingestrand is not using cookies or any other technical information to actively identify its visitors, with an exception for sites requiring log-in to enable a Web Editor to edit the sites.

The purpose of the cookies is to make your surfing the web quicker and give you access to different kinds of features and information. If you have blocked your cookies we cannot guarantee the websites full potential.

Cookies being used, are for instance:

JsessionID is a session cookie with a temporary identification code used by the server to keep track of which request belongs with a certain visitor. Cookies are required to make the website work and automatically be created. Saved information does not contain any personal information and is not being used to register what websites you visit. The cookie disappears as soon as you close the browser.

The same applies to the cookies generated by the online booking feature - they dissapear from your computer when you close your browser.

Matomo (Piwik)
It is important for us to to have an ongoing improvement of the website. Therefore we use the analysis tool Matomo to be able to count the number of users and analyze the web traffic. Matomo use cookies (identified by name combinations such as _pk). The information, generated by your use of the website (including your IP-address), is exclusively stored on local Arvika kommun servers and is used for statistics.