Check-in and checkout



Check-in time for both campsite pitches and cabins is 3 pm. If we have a campsite pitch or cabin available you are welcome to check in earlier. Please notify the front desk immediately upon arrival. Their group leader checks in groups.

If renting a campsite pitch, show your Camping Key Europe ID at the front desk. If you rent a cabin a personal ID is necessary. The Camping Key Europe ID can also be purchased at the front desk.

At the same time you will be given an shower card to the service buildings. If you need to use the lawndry room please contact the reception and they will help you.

The front desk will give you directions to your pitch or cabin, along with information about your living quarters and the campsite. Please ask us if you have any questions.


Your campsite pitch should be vacated and clean 12 am at the latest. If you live in a cabin it should be vacated and clean at 11 am.