Comfort and regulations 


Ingestrand is campsite for families and we want all our guests to enjoy their stay. Therefore we follow the SCR Svensk Camping’s regulations for what is, and what is not allowed at the campsite. SCR Svensk Camping is the National Swedish Campsite Association.

  • When you arrive, check in at the front desk and show your Camping Key Europe ID. Ingestrand campsite is a member of SCR Svensk Camping and the ID is possible to get at the campsite. When checking in, let us know if you bring any extra tents, boats and such. The group leader checks in groups.
  • Occasional guests are asked to park their vehicles at the parking lot outside the area, or at an assigned space within the area. Occasional visitors may have to pay a fee to the campsite host.
  • The camping host and all other staff are responsible for keeping the peace and order and will help you in case problems occur.
  • Place your caravan on the intended spot, inside the markings and four meters away from your neighbors. Place the front of your caravan/the pulling hook of your motorhome facing the road.
  • All tent equipment of standard type and size may be used. You may not put up so called permanent tent houses. Caravans/motorhomes must be registered and used as motor vehicles.
  • Permanent arrangements, such as fences and barriers, are not allowed. Please ask if you are uncertain about what you are permitted to do. Make sure the gas oil and electrical equipment are tested and approved according to current regulations.
  • Do not disrupt the campsite peace with a motor vehicle more then absolutely necessary. Keep walking speed and drive as short distances as possible.
  • A general campsite rule is to show consideration for others. Disturbing behavior is not allowed. From 11 pm to 7 am the campsite should be quiet.
  • Help the children find places suitable for playing and ball games. Throwing or kicking a ball among caravans and trailers are not allowed. Use the campsite playground instead.
  • Sales next to and on the campsite are only allowed with permission from the camping host.
  • Help us keep the campsite clean and free from trash. Use the trash hoppers and do not throw ember or other flammable objects in our waste bins.
  • Open fire directly on the ground is prohibited – please use our barbecue place instead.
  • Shared spaces (toilets, laundry- and shower rooms, kitchen, washing up areas) should be left in the same condition as you would like to find them.
  • If you need to wash your car, please do so on our campsite swash plate.
  • Departure. Unless other arrangements have been made with the front desk, your campsite pitch should be vacated and clean 12 pm at the latest. If you live in a cabin it should be vacated and clean 11 pm at the latest. We appreciate departure information in advance, especially during high season.
  • The camping host or staff is not responsible for damages on, or loss of, campsite guest’s belongings. Those who cause damages on buildings, material or possessions belonging to other guests may be held liable to pay damages.
  • We presume all guests show consideration for each other and help each other keep order. All staff members have an obligation to act in cases where a guest does not respect the campsite regulations.
  • Take care of the nature – it needs your protection.

Welcome to our campsite!