The campsite is located next to lake Glafsfjorden offering beautiful fishery. Glafsfjorden is 36 meters deep at the most with a total area of 93,82 square kilometers, but Glafsfjordens fish management area External link, opens in new window. is larger than that. It stretches from Sulvik in the northern parts of Glafsfjorden down to the power line at Rävön, including Mötterudstjärn, Långtjärn, Daltjärn, Billingen, Humsjön, Sörtjärn, Avelboltjärn and parts of Kolsjön.

The entire area is shown on the fishing map External link, opens in new window..

To go fishing you need a fishing license which can be bought for instance at the campsite front desk. Choose which model you prefer – season ticket, family season ticket, a weekly pass, or a two-day pass. Why not book our fishing package? Until the age of 16 you can go fishing for free and don’t need a fishing license. In Kyrkviken in Arvika you are also allowed to fish without a license.

In the fish management area the lakes contain perch, asp, bream, pike, ruffe, pike-perch, ide, burbot, roach, European smelt, common rudd, whitefish, vendace, tench, eal and trout. You can find most of the species in lake Glafsfjorden. If you are lucky you might catch a pike weighing more than 15 kilos, and sometimes it is even possible to catch a big asp. Keep in mind it is forbidden to fish in running waters.

Hand tools such as fishing rod, casting rod, fly rod, jig and hand net are allowed. Trolling is allowed in lake Glafsfjorden, but only two lures per fishing license and maximum six lures per boat. If you want a “true” trolling experience you need to by a specific trolling fishing license.